American  Edgebanding Manufacturer
for the Furniture Industry...
North American Edgebanding Manufacturer for the Furniture Industry...
Mission Statement :

" We will strive to be the manufacturer of choice to our present and future customers, and the company our employees want to come to work for each day. We will listen, discuss, disagree, solve our problems and move forward without politics or fear. We will embrace change for the growth opportunity it brings. When in doubt we will reach out the resources within. We will be guided by our conscience and always do the right thing asking ourselves "is this ethical, legal, and would I want this done to me?"
Why Edgeline ?
  • Family business with family values
  • Focused on innovation & product development
  • Maintain a high standard of excellence in its Edge Banding manufacturing facility
  • Long serving employees who value the needs of Edgeline's customers
  • Environmentally friendly- Edgeline Recycles 90% of wood waste.
  • Consistent quality and short lead times
  • 24/48 hour delivery for stock items
  • Extensive range in all specifications to satisfy customer requirements
  • Expansive global distribution network
  • Best price,quality and service guaranteed
Our Commitment to Quality :

Edgeline develops, produces and commercializes Wood Edgebanding, Profile Wrapping  and related products for the furniture industry. Over 10 years of activity in the field, but most of all, our clients who keep seeing us as a good supplier, define more than anything what Edgeline was, is, and pretends to be. A great number of professionals have passed through our constantly renewed installations. Each and every one of them has contributed to achieve the efficiency we all aspire after.

We are  committed to upholding and promoting policies which protect the environment. Our dedication to environmental compliance includes engaging in internal, corporate-wide initiatives, as well as adhering to and championing global standards.