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What We offer :

  • Edgeline develops, produces and commercializes wood veneer edge banding, profile wrapping veneers and related products for the furniture Industry.
  • We offer  more than 100 wood species with a complete selection of backer types.
  • Multiple thicknesses, widths and lengths of wood edge banding are available.
  • We specializes in manufacturing flexible natural veneer for Profile Wrapping applications.
  • A comprehensive program of recomposed edge banding.
  • We Slice PVC edge banding in more than 200 colors, thicknesses and textures.
  • Requires no minimum quantities order and short delivery time.
  • Our raw materials are FSC certified and ECO friendly.

Our Commitment :

Edgeline has been recognized as a preferred manufacturer of the finest flexible wood edge banding products.
Furniture manufacturers, architects, designers, retailers and woodworkers of all kinds have come to know Edgeline as a supplier par excellence. Where excellence is constantly being redefined. Excellence in products and services. Excellence in people. Excellence in customer satisfaction. The finest woods, the latest technology, the highest standards and the most experience and dedicated craftsmen all stand behind Edgeline's commitment to its customers.
Veneer Profile Wrapping

Available in the same wide array of wood species as its veneer edgebanding. Edgeline's profile wrapping material can be processed  in continuous rolls or strips of the exact dimension required for specific profiles. Edgeline's profile wrapping materials are available with a fleece backing or a high quality impregnated .005" or .010" thick paper backing for profiles a maximum of flexibility. With our new technology we are able to offer our customers the most flexible veneer rolls available in the market. Thickness can vary from
0.30 to 0.40 mm according to your requirements.
We are  committed to upholding and promoting policies which protect the environment. Our dedication to environmental compliance includes engaging in internal, corporate-wide initiatives, as well as adhering to and championing global standards.