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Wood Veneer Edgebanding

Our wood veneer edgebanding are produced using asymmetrical finger jointing with color coordinated homogenous veneer selections throughout, to guarantee the characteristics of solid wood. All veneers are fine surface sanded and available pre-stained or lacquered on request. The reverse side of our edge band is supplied fleeced, primed or pre-glued dependent on thickness or customer specification.

Wood veneer edge bands are suitable for straight and curved panel processing. Internal and external radius application are achievable dependent on the required thickness of veneer, offering almost unlimited application ability.

Standard wood veneer species are available from our stock range. Non standard bespoke veneers can be produced on request, depending on the quantity required.

Normal thickness between 0.50 and 0.60 mm (depending on species).

Width:  from 5/8" to 12".

Length of the rolls:  Auto : 500' -  Pre-glued:  250'. Other lengths can be supplied upon request.
Finish : Natural or fully lacquered and stained.

We are  committed to upholding and promoting policies which protect the environment. Our dedication to environmental compliance includes engaging in internal, corporate-wide initiatives, as well as adhering to and championing global standards.